What to do before your car is stolen

What to do before your car is stolen
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Tawanda Mukanhairi. Founder – The Tracker

One day i entered into the police station as i wanted to ask about something. As i was sitting down waiting for the police officer to attend to me, an old man entered with blood all over his shirt and i asked him what is wrong. The police officer who had brought him in said he was robbed and stabbed whilst he was trying to stop the robbers from stealing his car and luckily he wasn’t stabbed too bad. He would be dead by now.

After a short conversation with the old man, i realised that his car was the only biggest asset he owns in  his life at the moment and he loved his car and was willing to die for it. He told me how he fought the 3 robbers but he was over powered.

The question now is what to do before your car is stolen?

With the advancement in technology, its now easy to steal cars and its also now easy to prevent your car from being stolen. But to be honest its very hard to prevent your car from being stolen because thieves now can easily switch off your car alarm or by pass your anti hijack. What am i saying in simple terms? You can’t prevent your car from being stolen but you can determine whether you will get your car back once stolen or not.

Some might argue saying its possible to prevent my car from being stolen because i will put an alarm or anti-hijack but looking at the old man story, the robbers just stopped him and took away his car. Which means now they had access to his car keys, remote control to switch off the alarm and deactivate the anti-hijack system.

Therefore because we cannot prevent thieves from stealing our cars, what option do we have in addition to all the security features we have put on our cars? A vehicle tracking system is your best bet. Not just any tracking system, a live gps tracking system is what i am talking about. By live tracking i mean you can actually see the car moving, in real time.

The beauty of having a tracking system in your car is that, for example in the old man’s case, instead of fighting the robbers and loose your life, you let them take your car knowing that they will be found very soon. Once you are out of your car you call your tracking company for recovery thats all. Within a short space of time you get your car back. The most important thing with vehicle recovery is that you need to report stolen car immediately, because the first hour is very important when it comes to vehicle recovery.

If you do not have a reliable tracking system then its means that you will have to report to the police who will take around 24 hrs to respond to your complaint etc, i tell you by the time you find your car in two weeks everything inside the car will be ripped off. With The Tracker you can get a live gps tracking system with unlimited recoveries at an affordable price. Get in touch with our sales team on sales@thetracker.co.za or visit our website on www.thatracker.co.za.

So what to do before your car is stolen:

  • Install an alarm system
  • Install an anti-hijack system
  • Get a reliable tracking system which also gives you the owner access to see where your car is.



Written by:

Tawanda Mukanhairi

The Founder – The Tracker

Email: tawanda@thetracker.co.za


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