Who are we

Over the last few years, the need for a reliable tracking system within South Africa has become undeniable and this is why we are introducing our comprehensive, yet the most user- friendly vehicle tracking system. Our product is suitable for both large and small companies, to monitor and manage thousands of vehicles throughout the country. It is a modular based system that allows for the “real time” monitoring and management of vehicles.

Our software application is simple to use, yet a comprehensive program that enables organizations to view, monitor and manage all their vehicles via android & ios mobile app and web application.

Applicable Areas

These areas include:

  • Logistics
  • Corporate fleets
  • Financial institution ( Banking and Insurance)
  • Commercial Vehicle Monitoring
  • Delivery & Courier Services
  • Public Transport System
  • Taxi Services
  • Emergency Vehicles and Security Vehicles
  • Travel and Tourism; and so on.