Knowing the location of your vehicle is the first step towards safety. Begin now!

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Real time tracking

Live Tracking your vehicles location and movement. Multiple browser compatibility and smartphones/ iPad

Automated Fleet Management Reports

Engine report on/off, Parking/Running report, Over speed report, Historical Data report, Geo-fence Report, Mileage Report, Engine Idle report

Remote vehicle shutdown option

This feature is used when your car is stolen and is popular amongst rental car companies that need to retrieve vehicles that are not returned on time.
Remote vehicle shutdown option

Best Vehicle Tracking System Ever!

Order Now The need for a reliable tracking system has become undeniable and this is why we are introducing our comprehensive, yet the most user- friendly vehicle tracking system. Try our tracking system and we promise that you will never be disappointed.

What Our Client Says

Maxwell Mewa /

I told my insurance that i have a powerful tracking system with The Tracker

Ozwell /

We are excited to have The Tracker tracking system as it is easy to use and reliable. I can see my car on my mobile phone at anytime which is great.

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    If you have installed a tracking system for your fleet of vehicles, you already know how the system is helping you improve the efficiency of your fleet. However, did it ever occur that the advantages of a tracking system might go beyond just vehicle monitoring and fuel saving? The tracking system can help transportation companies

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    Few weeks back we have recovered several bakkies in Phillipe, Nyanga and Gugulethu. One thing we realised is that these bakkies are easy to steal because some can be started with a screw driver whilst others can be started with a knife. Some of you know what i am talking about. This is how simple

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    Thinking about installing vehicle tracking devices into your business vehicles? Whilst employees may not like them citing privacy concerns, in reality there are many major business benefits of GPS vehicle tracking devices. These benefits include: Improved productivity and fewer calls to drivers Whilst it’s important to be able to contact drivers about changes in pickups,

  • Is The Tracker recognized by any insurances in South Africa?
    May 10, 2017 / Comments Off on Is The Tracker recognized by any insurances in South Africa? / Adverts,GPS,The Tracker

    The Tracker is recognized and approved by major insurance companies which includes First for women, budget insurance, auto and general, dial-direct and many other short term insurances.

  • What to do before your car is stolen
    April 24, 2017 / Comments Off on What to do before your car is stolen / Adverts,GPS,The Tracker

    One day i entered into the police station as i wanted to ask about something. As i was sitting down waiting for the police officer to attend to me, an old man entered with blood all over his shirt and i asked him what is wrong. The police officer who had brought him in said

  • Car tracking devices with web and mobile app monitoring. 20% discount
    April 4, 2017 / Comments Off on Car tracking devices with web and mobile app monitoring. 20% discount / Adverts,GPS,The Tracker

    Knowing the location of your vehicle is the first step toward safety. Our vehicle tracking system is suitable for individuals, both large and small companies, to monitor and manage thousands of vehicles from one platform. All vehicles can be monitored on one screen, all Live 24/7. Tracking your vehicles saves you money on: Ability to

  • Any Car, Any Vehicle.
    March 16, 2017 / Comments Off on Any Car, Any Vehicle. / Adverts,GPS,The Tracker

    THE TRACKER’S GPS AUTO TRACKING SOLUTION IS ALL YOU NEED. FOR VEHICLE OWNERS Quick theft recoveries Protect Your Vehicles and Their Drivers at All Times Gain 100% Visibility of Your Vehicles Anytime, Anywhere Get The Industry’s Best Reporting Tools Right on Your Phone FOR AUTO DEALERS AND LENDERS Accept More Customers with Our Theft Recovery

  • The most common Business Use
    March 3, 2017 / Comments Off on The most common Business Use / GPS,The Tracker

    The Tracker web based application enables you to remotely monitor your company cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles or your entire vehicle fleets. Real-Time Portable vehicle GPS Tracker with built-in antenna supporting wide voltage input is the ideal way to improve the safety of your vehicle and always know where it is. Professional services – Decrease mileage, out of hours vehicle

  • It’s not one thing, it’s everything
    February 21, 2017 / Comments Off on It’s not one thing, it’s everything / Adverts,GPS,The Tracker

    Vehicle GPS Tracking systems are cloud-based software designed with smartphone apps in mind. It’s driving down accidents by up to 70 percent with the only driver rewards program of its kind. Improving decision-making by delivering deeper, more accurate information, thanks in part to technology that captures vehicle data up to 10 times more frequently than anyone else. Save fuel,

  • Geo-fence Alerts
    January 31, 2017 / Comments Off on Geo-fence Alerts / GPS,The Tracker

    Renting out your vehicle without proper security for it may be a danger; this is due to a high level of theft and carjacking across the country. Protecting your vehicle before its stolen should be a priority before it gets in the hands of a stranger, its security which lets you know where your vehicles

  • Remote Car Switch Off
    January 27, 2017 / Comments Off on Remote Car Switch Off / The Tracker

    The GPS tracker gives security to your vehicles, a small piece of technology that can allow you to switch of your car in the event it’s stolen. The remote car switch off system provides security for vehicles when the vehicle is unattended. While the devices have been around for years, they are increasingly being installed

  • Vehicle Tracking Solutions
    January 7, 2017 / Comments Off on Vehicle Tracking Solutions / Adverts

    The best vehicle tracking solutions provider – The Tracker. We are dedicated to meet our clients objectives in critical vehicle tracking & fleet solutions.

  • We know when your car gives battery problem
    November 28, 2016 / Comments Off on We know when your car gives battery problem / GPS,The Tracker One of our clients got stuck somewhere along Voortrekker Road Goodwood. We got notified via our tracking system that the battery had some faults. The client was stressed as he did not know what was wrong with his car and he called his mechanic. The mechanic told him it was the alternator that had a
    October 6, 2016 / Comments Off on APPLICABLE AREAS / The Tracker

    We wish to introduce our product which is the most innovative tracking system in the market today. The devices are scalable and can offer extensive functionality, depending on the client needs. The devices provide management with necessary tools to control assets within the organization and designated areas through access points. APPLICABLE AREAS These areas include:

    October 6, 2016 / Comments Off on QUICK RECOVERY OF A STOLEN VEHICLE / The Tracker

    With our gps tracking system, if a vehicle is stolen, you simply go online and see where it is. Even if the thief is still driving the vehicle you can literally watch them travel down the road and help the police make a quick recovery. Our tracking system has a function to switch off the

  • Understanding GPS Tracking System
    July 3, 2016 / No Comments » / GPS Understanding GPS Tracking System and How it works       Our main goal is to make sure your vehicle is safe and can be tracked if stolen. We are driven by a strong focus on meeting total customer satisfaction through our outstanding gps tracking solutions in a competitive marketplace and simultaneously realize increased financial,
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